Fotograma de la serie Rapa


Movistar Plus+, Portocabo



Amparo Seoane, the mayoress of Cedeira and the most powerful woman in the area, is murdered. Investigating the crime becomes an obsession for Maite, a sergeant in the Civil Guard, and for Tomás, the only witness to the murder. For Maite, looking for the murderer is an obligation, it is her job. For Tomás, a high school literature teacher who has no business getting involved in this affair, it is the opportunity –possibly the last– to experience a story like the ones he loves to read, perhaps so that he can tell it to others. The two of them begin an investigation that is to affect the whole town. Everyone, in one way or another, was connected to Amparo. Everyone had something to gain or lose from her death.

Director: Jorge Coira, Fran Araújo (Creador), Jorge Coira, Elena Trapé

Prod. Companies: Movistar Plus+, Portocabo

Technical Specifications:

  • Created by: Jorge Coira
  • Script: Pepe Coira, Fran Araújo, Jorge Coira
  • Music: Elba Fernández, Xavier Font
  • Director of photography: José Luis Bernal Ibáñez


Javier Cámara, Mónica López, Lucía Veiga, Eva Fernández, Toni Salgado, Ricardo de Barreiro, Jorge Bosch, Berta Ojea, Santi Prego, Paula Morado, Adrián Ríos, Iria Sobrado, Tito Asorey, Mabel Rivera, Nacho Castaño, Víctor Mosqueira, Lara Boedo, Óscar Morchón, Alejandro Carro, Denis Gómez.