Fotograma de la serie Patria. Dos mujeres abrazándose y sonriendo


Alea Media



On the day ETA – the Basque terrorist group – announces its permanent ceasefire, Bittori goes to the cemetery to tell the grave of her husband, Txato, murdered by the terrorists, that she has decided to return to the house where they lived. Will she be able to live with those who harassed her before and after the attack that disrupted her life and that of her family? Will she be able to find out who was the hooded man who killed her husband one rainy day on his way back from his transport company? However discreet her arrival, Bittori’s presence will disturb the false tranquillity of the village, especially that of her neighbour Miren, once a close friend and mother of Joxe Mari, an imprisoned terrorist who is the subject of Bittori's worst fears and suspicions. What happened between these two women? What has poisoned the lives of their children and their husbands, who had been so close in the past? With their hidden tears and their unshakable convictions, with their wounds and their courage, the incandescent story of their lives before and after the crater that was Txato’s death, we are told of the impossibility of forgetting and the need for forgiveness in a community torn by political fanaticism.

Director: Aitor Gabilondo (Creador), Félix Viscarret, Óscar Pedraza

Screenplay: Aitor Gabilondo. Novela: Fernando Aramburu

Music: Fernando Velázquez

Photography: Álvaro Gutiérrez, Diego Dussuel

Cast: Elena Irureta, Ane Gabaraín, Loreto Mauleón, Susana Abaitua, Mikel Laskurain, José Ramón Soroiz, Jon Olivares, Eneko Sagardoy, Iñigo Aranbarri, Javier Beltrán, Alvar Gordejuela, Nagore Aranburu, Manuel Morón.

Production company: una producción de Alea Media para HBO Europe