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La chica invisible

Morena Films

La chica invisible


The Invisible Girl is a mystery thriller in which we enter Cárdena, a peaceful village in Andalusia, to solve the savage murder of Aurora Ríos, 17, the high school’s “invisible girl”, during the village festivities. Two lines of investigation are opened: the official one, led by the lieutenant of the Judicial Police, Miguel Ángel Plaza, and that of his daughter Julia, who can see beyond the surface and will put her life at risk to catch her classmate’s murderer.

Director: Tito López Amado y Aritz Moreno

Prod. Companies: Morena Films

Technical Specifications:

  • Script: Carmen López-Areal, Marina Efron, Antonio Hernández Centeno, Ramón Tarrés e Ian de la Rosa


Daniel Grao, Zoe Stein, Rebeca Matellán, Pablo Gómez-Pando, Javier Córdoba, Marta Vallés, Hugo Welzel.