Fotograma de la serie Hierro


Banijay Rights



On El Hierro, the most remote island of the Canary Islands, a murder has taken place. Candela, an expert judge with a strong character, is faced with the investigation of a murder case, having just been assigned to a place where she is not going to fit in. The island, with its rugged and changing geography, is home to a small community with unique traditions, where no one enters or leaves without it being known and where it is difficult to keep a secret. The murderer has to be one of them. And everyone thinks they know who it is. Diaz, a shady local businessman, turns out to be the perfect culprit. But it is not going to be that simple. With Candela it never is. Not with Díaz either. They are both determined to find the killer. She wants to do her job well. He wants to prove his innocence.

Director: Pepe Coira (Creador), Jorge Coira

Script: Pepe Coira, Fran Araújo, Alfonso Blanco, Coral Cruz, Araceli Gonda, Alberto Marini, Carlos Portela

Music: Elba Fernandez, Xavier Font

Photography: José Luis Bernal Ibañez

Cast: Candela Peña, Darío Grandinetti, Juan Carlos Vellido, Mónica López, Kimberley Tell, Yaiza Guimaré, Isaac Dos Santos, Tania Santana, Saulo Trujillo, Ángel Casanova, Antonia San Juan.


Spain-France co-production; Movistar+, Portocabo, Atlantique Productions, Arte.

Distributor: Banijay Rights