Fotograma del anuncio publicitario Las Aventuras del Sr El Destino: Luna

Las Aventuras del Sr El Destino Luna


Las Aventuras del Sr. El Destino Luna


Recreating the lunar satellite, the Apollo XI, the control room at Cape Canaveral and all the spectators who watched the broadcast was a real challenge. It took months of research and editing, the perfect combination of art, styling and production to nail every booth in the room, every graphic, every computer and every style of the NASA engineers and astronauts.

Technical Specifications:

  • Title: "The Adventures of Mr. El Destino: Luna".
  • Brand: Lotería La Primitiva
  • Agency: Proximity Madrid
  • Director: Álvaro Brechner
  • Executive Producer: Antonio Ruiz & Matías Dumont
  • DOP: Carlos Catalán


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