La ilusión lo cambia todo

El Apartamento

La ilusión lo cambia todo


“La ilusión lo cambia todo” was the follow-up to the first El Corte Inglés campaign of the Elf character, which was a huge success in 2018, the year in which we produced that first season. On that occasion we shot in Lisbon and the challenge for the 2019 production was to find the most magical locations possible in Madrid. And so we did. The city became a fairy-tale set where, with a wonderful technical team and excellent direction, production and post-production, we brought back to life this Christmas fable in which a little girl’s illusion transforms all everyday things into magic.

Technical Specifications:

  • Title: La ilusión lo cambia todo
  • Brand: El Corte Inglés
  • Agency: Sra. Rushmore
  • Director: Gabe Ibáñez
  • Production company: Apartamento
  • Executive producers: Nacho García P. and Laura Hachuel
  • DP: Paco Femenía
  • Art director: Lluisa Ferré
  • Costume design: Ilduara Lamas Vandall
  • London casting: Sophie North
  • Spain casting: Miriam Correa
  • Editing: José González
  • Image Postproduction: Ranchito
  • Audio Postproduction: El Corte Inglés
  • Music: Trafalgar 13