Imagen de Lola Flores sobre fondo negro

Con mucho acento


The production and edition of this piece was a big technical challenge, to bring back to life an icon of modernity and diversity of the twentieth century as was Lola Flores. It required a thorough casting search throughout Spain, to find someone with similar features to give viability to the artificial intelligence technique DEEP FAKE. Getting the voice, face and gestures of the artist was a technical challenge: hours of audiovisual material, more than 5,000 images and a meticulous process of composition and post-production. At the same time, a software that did not yet exist in Spain was developed to modulate her voice and fine-tune the audio, in addition to a very long editing process to give the piece the rhythm it needed. The shooting took three days in Malaga and the casting was entirely made up of real people from the same city.

Technical Specifications

Agency: Ogilvy

Advertiser: Cruzcampo (HEINEKEN Spain)

Sector: Beers

Campaign: Cruzcampo 'Con Mucho Acento' (With a Strong Accent)

Client Contacts: Esteban Velasco, Elena Marcos, Begoña Morillas, Isabel Vázquez, Bruna Sampaio

Chief Creative Officer: Roberto Fara

Creative Directors: Javier Senovilla, Juan Pedro Moreno

Creative Team: Guillermo Fernández, Pablo Poveda, Rodrigo Domínguez, Miriam Malta, Nacho García, Elena Hernández, Borja López, Adrián Poveda, Adriana de Oliveira, Alicia Puyol.

Managing Director & Client Business Partner: María Herranz

Account Director: Rocío Cano Account Team: Lucía Muñoz, Lydia Laguna, Moad ElMatuchi

Social Team: Javier Yohn, Enrique Martínez, Manuel Domínguez, Enrique Torres

Strategy team: Mercedes Navarro, Blanca Martín

Agency Producer: Asier Ollo

Production company: PRIMO

Director: Erik Morales

Executive Producer: Pablo Garcia Acon

Producer/Production director: Anna Mayolas

Postproduction: Tamara Diaz

Postproduction studio: Metropolitana

Editing: Rocio Perez and Estel Roman

Music: Califato ¾

Sound: The Lobby studios

Voice-over: Lolita

Director of photography: Benoit Soler

Colour correction: Metropolitana Marc Morató

Music: 'L'ambôccá' by Califato 3/4

Talent Management: Clara Sanchís, Núria Padrós

Media Agency: Dentsu RedStar (María González, Patricia San Román)

Brand PR Agency: N Team Comunicación (Eneida Manzano, Jorge Cordero, Amparo Cantalicio, Nekane García)

Pieces: TV Spot (60′′, 30′′, 20′′), Press, Point of Sale, Digital, RRSS, Radio

Launch date: 21 January 2021

Objective: Brand repositioning campaign.

Target: National