Fotograma del anuncio publicitario Amazon Prime An unlikely friendship

Amazon Prime: An Unlikely Friendship


Amazon Prime: An unlikely friendship


As its title suggests, this campaign tells the story of an unusual friendship: specifically the one formed between a zoo keeper and one of the hyenas that live in the zoo. This tender story, which shows the friendliest side of the hyena and its day-to-day life with its new companion, highlights the importance of its smile, the main characteristic of the animal and similar to the company's logo.

Technical Specifications:

  • Agency: CYW
  • Advertising company: Amazon Prime Video
  • Marketing Director Prime Video: Helen Cowley
  • Creative Director Prime Video: Xuan Pham
  • Campaign Manager Prime Video: Krysha Shahi, Fiona Mukherjee
  • Producer Prime Video: Hannah Povey
  • Executive creative director: Willy Lomana, Carmelo Rodríguez
  • Creative Team: Lucas Siewert, Eva Fernández, Marta Horcajo.
  • Copy: Carmelo Rodríguez, Willy Lomana
  • Brand Manager Agency: Miguel Remis
  • Project Manager Agency: Elena Pineda
  • Prod. company: Blur
  • Prod. company (UK): Outsider
  • VFX: The Mill
  • Sound: Ballad


  • Director: Chris Balmond
  • Executive producers: Mario Forniés, Zico Judge
  • EP/ Outsider MD: Richard Packer
  • Director of photography: Rob Hardy
  • Producer: Laureana Ferrucci
  • Post Production: Daniela Borges
  • First Assistant to the Director: Tirso Díaz
  • Production Manager: Foncho Rodríguez
  • SFX Supervisor: César Alcaide
  • Editor: Marc Soria


  • Production manager: Gemma Humphries
  • VFX The Mill  Supervisors: Pete Hodsman, Adam Droy
  • Animation supervisor: Paul Tempelman
  • Colorist: James Bamford, Tim Martin
  • Producer: Dan Crozier


  • Supervisor Musical: Gregers Maersk
  • Diseño de Sonido: Philip Nicolai Flindt



  • Bronze in Cannes Lions (Film Craft category)
  • Wood Pencil in D&AD Awards (Antimation - 3D Digital)



Blur is a multidisciplinary creative production company, with offices in Madrid and Barcelona.

Founded in November 2004, Blur has worked with agencies and clients for different markets worldwide. It has also produced music videos, short films and documentaries, as well as two internationally acclaimed feature films. Amongst its achievements, Blur has won numerous international awards such as the Film Craft Grand Prix as well as other awards at Cannes, AD&D, British Arrows, Clio Awards, and many others.