Fotograma de la serie de animación Nina y Olga

Nina y Olga

Lisa Arioli

Nina and Olga


Nina is a sweet 6-year-old girl who goes to school together with her friend Teo. The two children have a very special friend: Olga, a soft white cloud who is the same age as Nina and Teo. With her they will live fantastic adventures in their everyday lifey, through which they will learn to get to know each other and to manage their still unknown emotions.

Nina & Olga’s stories tell the little discoveries that children face every day that help them grow. They are entertaining, endearing stories full of irony, also thanks to the fun metaphor of the rain that “escapes” Olga as an essential resource to help solve problems. In fact, it is Olga’s sudden rain that transforms every difficulty, real or emotional, into the solution that everyone seeks to be happy again.


Director: Lisa Arioli

Script: Steve Middleton (Head Writer)

Prod. companies:  Enanimation, Mondo TV Studios, RAI Ragazzi

Music: Gigi Meroni

Format:  52 x 7'

Genre: Comedy – 2D Full HD

State: Finished


Based on the editorial property “La nuvola Olga” by the famous illustrator Nicoletta Costa. In collaboration with RAI Ragazzi. The series is broadcast on RAI Yoyo. Winner of the prestigious Pulcinella Award 2021 in the “Best upper pre-school TV Series (4-6 y.o)” category at Cartoons On the Bay.