Fotograma de la película "Caída libre"

Caída libre

Laura Jou

Caída libre - Free Falling


Marisol is the national rhythmic gymnastics’ coach. She is methodical, controlling, demanding, and authoritarian. The World Championship is approaching, and she is pinning all her hopes for the gold medal on Angelica, the most promising newcomer on the team. Two weeks before the final, Marisol discovers that her husband is having an affair with a much younger woman with whom he is expecting a child. Marisol does not contemplate failure, so she begins a desperate race to win him back, disregarding his motives and feelings. Her pain transfers to the mat, where she becomes even more relentless with Angelica, in who she places her hopes for success. At this point, winning the gold is all she has left. But is this really so?

Director: Laura Jou

Prod. Companies: EJERCICIOS DE EQUILIBRIO, A.I.E. (99%, Barcelona) - CORTE Y CONFECCIÓN DE PELÍCULAS S.L. (0,5%, Barcelona) - SUSPENSE ENTERTAINMENT, S.L. (0,5%, Madrid)

Cast: Belén Rueda, Ilay Kurelovic, Maria Netavrovana, Irene Escolar, Manuela Vellés, Brays Efe