Fotograma del cortometraje Tótem Loba

Tótem Loba

Verónica Echegui

Tótem Loba


Estíbaliz accepts the invitation of Raquel, her high school friend, to go to her town's festivities. What seems to be a fun and exciting weekend turns out to be a nightmare when Estíbaliz discovers that in her friend's village the tradition is that men dress up as wolves and go out to hunt women during the night. And what is even more terrifying is that no one seems to care or be alarmed by this terrifying and abominable custom.

Director: Verónia Echegui

Prod. Companies: Estela Films, Pólvora Films, El Loco Produce

Cast: Isa Montalbán, Delia Brufau, Usúe Álvarez, Almudena Hinarejos, Elena Ábalos, Elisa Drabben, Fátima Baeza, Sofía Alberola, Juliana Valbuena, Alex Mola, Mauro García, Jaime Wang, Álvaro Lafora, Julen Alba Garay, Lucas Pulido, Pablo Louazel

Distribution companies: Agencia Freak