Fotograma de la película Viejos


Raúl Cerezo, Fernando González Gómez

Viejos - The elderly


Rosa commits suicide, which is the catalyst for the progressive physical and mental deterioration of Manuel, her elderly husband. Mario, his son, decides to bring him to live with his family, despite the fierce opposition of his new wife, who´s expecting a baby.
Naia, his teenage granddaughter, is the only one who trusts Manuel, whose dementia is getting worse and worse by the day. The family´s new living situation will continue to go rapidly downhill, until it literally becomes a matter of life and death, leading to a dramatic denouement, which will take place on the hottest night of the century.

Director: Raúl Cerezo, Fernando González Gómez

Prod. Companies: PERSONS FILMS, S.L. (99,5%, Cascante, Navarra) - LA DALIA FILMS, S.L. (0,25%, Madrid) - ANTÍDOTO FILMS, S.L. (0,25%, Madrid)

Cast: Zorion Eguileor, Gustavo Salmerón, Paula Gallego, Irene Anula, Ángela López Gamonal, Juan Acedo

Spain Distribution:  CASTELAO PICTURES, S.L. (Filmax)

International Sales:  FILMAX (International Sales)