Fotograma de la película Tres


Juanjo Giménez

Tres - Out of Sync


C. (39) is a sound designer. She enjoys her work. She spends many hours alone, recording room effects, wild tracks, editing, mixing… The studio is her last refuge: a place to postpone the broken relationships she has with her ex-partner, her elderly mother, and her co-workers. Although she does not know it yet, C. is starting to fall out of sync. Like a film with badly synched sound, her brain has begun to process the sound later than the images.

Suddenly she is cured, but she is no longer the same. Her sensory odyssey has made her mature. Now she has a second chance. It is up to her not to let it slip away.

Director: Juanjo Giménez

Prod. Companies:  FRIDA FILMS, S.L. (Spain 1%) , TRES LA PELICULA FRIDA NADIR, A.I.E. (Spain 99%) , MANNY FILMS ­ FINANCIERA (France) , VSI CIOBRELIAI (M­FILMS) (Lithuania)  

Cast:  Marta Nieto (C) , Miki Esparbé (Iván)

Spain Distribution:  FILMAX, S.A