Fotograma de la película Suro


Mikel Gurrea

Suro - Cork


A young, vulnerable couple inherits a cork-harvesting farm in rural Catalonia. As newly fledged landowners, they dream of building a fair and sustainable life, only to find their ideals clash head-on with their dire need to make money.

Director: Mikel Gurrea

Prod. Companies: LASTOR MEDIA, S.L. (45%, Barcelona) - IRUSOIN, S.A. (20%, Donostia/San Sebastián) - NOCTURNA PICTURES, S.L. (20%, Barcelona) - MALMO PICTURES, S.L. (15%, Barcelona)

Cast: Vicky Luengo, Pol López, Ilyass El Ouahdani

Spain Distribution:  A CONTRACORRIENTE FILMS, S.L.