Fotograma de la película Rendir los machos

Rendir los machos

David Pantaleón

Rendir los machos - Our Father


Two brothers in a journey on foot through the barren lands of Fuerteventura with the seven most sought-after male goats of the island.
The family patriarch of the Cabreras and his two sons have not talked to each other in years. When the father dies, his children find out his last wish: if they intend to receive the inheritance, they must take seven male goats to the other end of the island.

Director: David Pantaleón

Prod. Companies: VOLCANO INTERNACIONAL PRODUCTIONS, S.L. (80%, Candelaria, Santa Cruz de Tenerife) - NOODLES PRODUCTION (20%, Francia / France)

Cast: Alejandro Rodríguez Rivero, Julio Rodríguez Rivero, Lili Quintana, José Mentado Rivero

Spain Distribution:  BEGIN AGAIN FILMS, S.L.

International Sales:  BEGIN AGAIN FILMS, S.L.