No mires a los ojos

Félix Viscarret

No mires a los ojos - Staring at strangers


Damian has just been fired after working at the same company for 20 years. Following an angry and violent reaction, he runs away from his boss and hides in the first place he can find: a wardrobe loaded on a van. But the wardrobe, with Damian inside, is then delivered to Lucia and Fede, a couple of his age living with their adolescent daughter, Maria. That same night, a sudden impulse leads Damian to stay with the family and become a mysterious presence, observing and moving around in the shadows.

Director: Félix Viscarret

Prod. Companies: DESDE LA SOMBRA DEL ARBOL, A.I.E. (79,92%, Berrioplano/Berriobeiti, Navarra) - TORNASOL, S.L. (0,08%, Madrid) - ENTRE CHIEN ET LOUP / BELGA PRODUCTIONS (20%, Bélgica / Belgium)

Cast: Paco León, Leonor Watling, Alex Brendemühl, Juan Diego Botto, María Romanillos, Marcos Ruiz, Susana Abaitua, Iñaki Gabilondo


International Sales:  LATIDO FILMS