Fotograma de la película "Menudas piezas"

Menudas piezas

Nacho G. Velilla

Menudas piezas - Checkmates


Candela mistakenly believed the social ladder only went one way: up. Now, after a traumatic and unexpected divorce, she loses her job at an elite private school and finds herself back in the neighborhood she had left behind, forced to turn to her family for help. The time has come to set her pieces back on the board and start over, hoping to find that second chance. She gets offered the opportunity to return to her old high school and teach socially marginalized kids. Candela goes from being the cream of the crop to the cream of mediocrity. Yet when she sees that a bunch of losers could end up as national chess champs, she realizes that it is not important who you were, but who you are today. In chess, as in life, it makes no difference whether you´re a king or a pawn. When the game is over, everyone ends back up in the same box.

Director: Nacho G. Velilla

Prod. Companies: TELECINCO CINEMA S.A.U. (60%, Alcobendas, Madrid) - MENUDAS PIEZAS, A.I.E. (28,4%, Tres Cantos, Madrid) - FELICITAS MEDIA, S.L. (11,5%, Madrid) - LIGHTBOX ANIMATION STUDIOS, S.L. (0,1%, Madrid)

Cast: Alexandra Jiménez, Luis Callejo, Francesc Orella, María Adánez, Miguel Rellán, Alain Hernández, José Manuel Poga, Kiko Bena, Pablo Louazel, Rocío Velayos, Verónica Senra, Tuoxin Qiu

Spain Distribution: PARAMOUNT SPAIN, S.L.