Fotograma de la película "Matusalén"


David Galán Galindo

Matusalén - Mathusalem


At 44 years old, Alber thinks he has everything he needs: he lives rent-free with his grandfather and spends his entire paycheck as a pizza delivery guy on his passion, hip hop. But getting kicked out by the old man and fired the same day forces him to come to a decision: to move back in with his parents. But there´s one condition. He must study for a degree and graduate. If not, he´ll have to quit that “rap bullshit”. At college, Alber is reunited with his beloved Amaia, a radio host and teacher who makes him realize that he was missing something very important in life: love.

Director: David Galán Galindo

Prod. Companies: VUELTA A LA UNIVERSIDAD, A.I.E. (Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid)

Cast: Julián López,Miren Ibarguren, Raúl Cimas, Antonio Resines, Carlos Areces, Lucía de la Fuente, Jason Fernández, Elena de Lara, Judith Fernández, Adrián Lastra, María Barranco. Con la participación especial de Alberto San Juan (interpretando a Kase.O) y Roberto Álamo

Spain Distribution: FLINS Y PINÍCULAS, S.L.