Fotograma de la película "Mamífera"


Liliana Torres



Lola has always been clear that being a mother is not for her, until an unexpected pregnancy revolutionizes all her plans. During the three days she has to wait until her appointment at a clinic, she feels challenged by social expectations and faces her inner fears.

Director: Liliana Torres

Prod. Companies: DISTINTO FILMS S.L.U. (50%, Barcelona) - EDNA CINEMA, S.L.U. (50%, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona)

Cast: María Rodrígez Soto, Enric Auquer, Ruth Llopis, Anna Alarcón, Ann Perelló, Amparo Fernández, Maria Ribera, Anna Bertran, Marina Rodríguez, Mireia Aixalà

Spain Distribution: CASTELAO PICTURES, S.L. (Filmax)

International Sales: Visit Films (New York, USA)