Fotograma de la película Malencolía.


Alfonso Zarauza



Sira and Pepe decide to return to Galicia after a decade of emigration in Berlin. They find a house on the internet in the abandoned village of Lupián, in the province of Ourense, and decide to leave everything behind to start a new life there. When they arrive in the village, they discover to their surprise that the only house still alive is inhabited by a peculiar neighbour called Isolina.

Director: Alfonso Zarauza

Prod. Companies: MARUXIÑA FILM COMPANY, S.L. (50,19%, Santiago de Compostela) - TELEVISIÓN DE GALICIA, S.A. (49,81%, Santiago de Compostela)

Casts: Melania Cruz, Xúlio Abonjo, Iolanda Muíños, Diego Anido, Ledicia Sola, Marta Lado, X.A. Touriñán, Déborah Vukušić , Tito Asorey, Ricardo de Barreiro 

Spain Distribution: BAÑOS FILMS, S.L.