Fotograma de la película Las Gentiles

Las Gentiles

Santi Amodeo

Las Gentiles - The Gentiles


Ana (17) is just another middle-class girl, with the family conflicts and identity problems typical of her age. Although since she met her friend Corrales (17) the word suicide has entered her life, apparently only as a distant and transgressive idea. But, little by little, what seemed like a game on social networks ends up filtering into reality.

Director: Santi Amodeo

Prod. Companies: LAS GENTILES PELÍCULA, A.I.E. (99%, Sevilla) - GRUPO TRANQUILO P.C., S.L. (0,5%, Sevilla) - SACROMONTE FILMS, S.L. (0,5%, Sevilla)

Cast: África de la Cruz, Alvar Inger, Lola Buero, Olga Navalón, Paula Díaz

Spain Distribution:  ALFA PICTURES, S.L.U.