La voluntaria

Nely Reguera

La voluntaria


Marisa (Carmen Machi), a recently retired doctor, decides to travel as a volunteer to a greek refugee camp where people need -or so she thinks- people like her. Upon her arrival, it is clear that she is nothing like the rest of the people there. When she meets young Ahmed, the limits between the need to take care of somebody and of feeling useful begin to fade.

Director: Nely Reguera

Prod. Companies: EL NIETO DE MARISA, A.I.E. (65,63%, Barcelona) - FASTEN SEAT BELT, S.L. (0,5%, Barcelona) - BTEAM PROD, S.L. (0,17%, Barcelona) - HOMEMADE FILMS (33,7% Grecia / Greece)

Cast: Carmen Machi, Itsaso Arana, Arnau Comas, Dèlia Brufau, Yohan Levy, Henrietta Rauth

Spain Distrbution:  BTEAM PICTURES, S.L.