Fotograma de la película La sirvienta

La sirvienta

Pablo Moreno

La sirvienta


Lera, a domestic employee, is accused of a crime. In the dungeon of a Civil Guard barracks, she meets Mihaela and Julia, two prostitutes with whom she shares the story that saved her life. The story of Vicenta María López Vicuña, founder of the Religiosas de María Inmaculada, who for more than 150 years have been dedicated to the promotion of women who left their villages to carve out a better future for themselves in domestic service in the capital.

The true story of one woman, one of many.

Director: Pablo Moreno

Prod. Companies: CONTRACORRIENTE PRODUCCIONES, S.L.U. (Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca)

Cast: Cristina González del Valle, Assumpta Serna, Elena Furiase, Marian Arahuetes, Eva Jakubovska, Daniela Arias, José María Rueda, Juan Lombardero, Juan Alberto López, Pepe Carrasco, Antonio Velasco, Raúl Escudero, Marta Romero, Mayka Braña.

Spain Distribution: PROYECFILM, S.L.