Fotograma de la película La novia de América

La novia de América

Alfonso Albacete

La novia de América - My Father´s Mexican Wedding


Inspired by the director´s real story with his father. A father announces his offspring he is getting married in Mexico with a woman he met in a dating group a few months ago. Not only that, wedding is in Mexico. Both her children, and their mother´s sister, go to Mexico to try to stop this wedding by all possible means. But reality in Mexico is always surprising for Europeans, and things turn out to be more complicated. New found love, kidnappings, betrayals, new alliances, all form part of this mad, mad, mad comedy.

Director: Alfonso Albacete

Prod. Companies: LA NOVIA DE AMÉRICA, A.I.E. (45,18%, Berrioplano/Berriobeiti, Navarra) - TORNASOL, S.L. (2,38%, Madrid) - GRUPO GUANABANA CINE / ANIMAL DE LUZ FILMS S.R.L. DE C.V. (52,44%, México / Mexico)

Cast: Miren Ibarguren, Pol Monen, Eduardo Casanova, Ginés García Millán, Pepa Charro, Diana Bovio, Christian Vázquez, Maribel Guardia

Spain Distribution:  A CONTRACORRIENTE FILMS, S.L.

International Sales:  LATIDO FILMS