Fotograma de la película La Jefa

La jefa

Fran Torres

La jefa


Sofia, an ambitious young woman working in a multinational fashion company, becomes pregnant without planning it. With no family in Spain and doubts about the future of her motherhood, Sofia seems doomed to return to her country and abandon the promising professional career she has fought so hard for. However, her boss, a self-made woman whom Sofia admires above all else, makes her an unusual proposition: give her the child up for adoption and in exchange she can continue with her promotion within the company. Sofia accepts the offer, unaware that not everything is as her boss has told her... 

Director: Fran Torres

Prod. Companies: PENÚLTIMA TOMA, A.I.E. (99%, Madrid) - FEELGOOD MEDIA, S.L. (0,3%, Boadilla del Monte, Madrid) - AUDIOVISUAL DEL MONTE, S.L. (0,2%, Majadahonda, Madrid) - TEOPONTE PRODUCCIONES CINEMATOGRÁFICAS, S.L. (0,2%, Madrid) - FRANCISCO TORRES QUINCOCES (0,15%, Madrid) - HUGO DANIEL BOYERO GARMENDIA (0,15%, Villanueva de la Cañada, Madrid)

Cast: Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Cumelén Sanz, Álex Pastrana, Vanessa Rasero, Pedro Casablanc, Rocío Setjo, María Fernández, Lucía Quinteiro, Daniel Prim

Spain Distribution: CASTELAO PICTURES, S.L. (FILMAX)