Fotograma de la película La consagración de la primavera

La consagración de la primavera

Fernando Franco

La consagración de la primavera - The Rite of Spring


Laura (Valeria Sorolla) has just arrived in Madrid, where she will be living in a student hall of residence and studying for a degree in chemistry. Alone and almost penniless, she tries to adjust to university life while struggling with her insecurities.
One night, by chance, she meets David (Telmo Irureta), a young man with cerebral palsy who lives with his mother, Isabel (Emma Suárez). Laura forms a relationship of mutual trust with them that helps her to overcome her complexes and enter a new stage in her life on the way towards maturity.
THE RITE OF SPRING is a story about that moment in life when everything is possible and about how the most unexpected encounter change our life.

Director: Fernando Franco

Prod. Companies: BLIZZARD FILMS, A.I.E. (97%, Madrid) - KOWALSKI FILMS, S.L. (1%, Pasaia Guipúzcoa) - FERDYDURKE FILMS, S.L. (1%, Sevilla) - LAZONA PRODUCCIONES, S.L. (1%, Madrid)

Cast: Valeria Sorolla, Telmo Irureta, Emma Suárez

Spain distribution:  LA AVENTURA CINE, S.L.

International sales:  FILM FACTORY ENTERTAINMENT, S.L.