Fotograma de la película La Abuela

La Abuela

Paco Plaza

La Abuela


Susana (Almudena Amor) must leave her life in Paris working as a model to return to Madrid. Her grandmother Pilar (Vera Valdez) has just suffered a stroke. Years ago, when Susana’s parents died, her grandmother raised her as if she were her own daughter. Susana needs to find someone to take care of Pilar, but what was meant to be just a few days with her grandmother is to turn into a terrifying nightmare.

Director: Paco Plaza

Prod. Companies: APACHE FILMS,S.L. (Spain 5%) , LA ABUELA APACHE, A.I.E. (Spain 95%) ,  LES FILMS DU WORSO (France)  

Cast: Almudena Amor , Vera Valdez