Fotograma de la película Josefina


Josefina - Josephine


Juan, a prison officer, silently observes every Sunday the visit of Berta, the mother of one of the prisoners. The day he finally gets close to her, he surprises himself by pretending to be another father and inventing a daughter inside the prison: Josefina. The need to fill the emptiness in which Juan and Berta live leads them to continue meeting each other beyond the reality that surrounds them.

Director: Javier Marco

Prod. Companies: WHITE LEAF PRODUCCIONES, S.L.  (Spain 1%) , HOJA EN BLANCO, A.I.E. (Spain 99%) , ACHTUNG PANDA! MEDIA GMBH (Germany)

Cast: Emma Suárez , Roberto Álamo , Olivia Delcán , Miguel Bernardeau