Fotograma de la película Girasoles silvestres

Girasoles silvestres

Jaime Rosales

Girasoles silvestres - Wild flowers


Julia, aged 22 and mother of two children, falls in love with Oscar. They start an intense and tortuous relationship full of ups and downs. Soon, Julia begins to doubt Oscar´s suitability as a male role model for her children. A violent incident will lead Julia to leave Oscar and look for a better future.

Director: Jaime Rosales

Prod. Companies: FRESDEVAL FILMS S.L. (39,6%, Barcelona) - A CONTRACORRIENTE FILMS, S.L. (27,9%, Barcelona) - OBERON MEDIA, S.L. (22,5%, Barcelona) - LUXBOX (10% Financiera / Financial, Francia / France)

Cast: Anna Castillo, Oriol Pla, Quim Àvila, Lluís Marquès, Manolo Solo, Carolina Yuste

Spain distribution:  A CONTRACORRIENTE FILMS, S.L.