Fotograma de la película Espíritu Sagrado

Espíritu sagrado

Chema García Ibarra

Espíritu Sagrado - The Sacred Spirit


José Manuel and the other members of the “ufological” Ovni-Levante association meet weekly to exchange information about extraterrestrial messages and abductions. Julio, their leader, dies unexpectedly, leaving José Manuel as the only one who knows the cosmic secret that can alter human future. Meanwhile in Spain, the search is on for a girl who disappeared weeks ago.

Director: Chema García Ibarra

Prod. Companies: JAIBO FILMS S.L.N.E. (Spain 50%) , APELLANIZ & DE SOSA, S.L (Spain 50%) , LA FABRICA NOCTURNA CINÈMA (France) , TEFERRUAT FILM YAPIM (Turkey)  

Cast: Nacho Fernández , Llum Arqués