Fotograma de la película Espejo, Espejo


Marc Crehuet



In life we constantly grapple with ourslves.  One part of us wants something, but the other wants the opposite. Álvaro (Santi Millán), Cristina (Malena Alterio), Paula (Natalia de Molina) and Alberto (Carlos Areces) are four employees in crisis who work for the same cosmetics company. They fight for what they want while facing their own reflections in the mirror. Ambition, fear, love and betrayal mix in this funny and original comedy about identity.

Sometimes your worst enemy is yourself.

Director: Marc Crehuet

Prod. Companies: NOS GUSTA EL CINE, A.I.E. (99%, Barcelona) - RODAR Y RODAR CINE, S.L. (1%, Barcelona)

Cast: Santi Millán, Natalia de Molina, Malena Alterio, Carlos Areces, Betsy Túrnez, Toni Acosta, Carlos Bardem, Loles León, Verónica Forqué

Spain Distribution:  CASTELAO PICTURES, S.L. (Filmax)