Fotograma de la película Entre la vida y la muerte

Entre la vida y la muerte

Giordano Gederlini

Entre la vida y la muerte - On The Edge


Leo Castaneda is a Spanish subway driver in Brussels. One night he sees a young boy fall on the tracks in front of him. It is his son Hugo. When the autopsy tells him that the boy was already bleeding to death before he fell on the tracks, Leo will start an investigation to find out what happened to his son, and he will have to face the police, a group of robbers... And his own past.

Director: Giordano Gederlini

Prod. Companies: ENTRE LA VIDA Y LA MUERTE, A.I.E. (19,28%, Barcelona) - FASTEN SEAT BELT, S.L. (0,2%, Barcelona) - FRAKAS PRODUCTIONS (56%, Bélgica / Belgium) - NOODLES PRODUCTIONS (24,52%, Francia / France)

Cast: Antonio de la Torre, Marine Vacth, Olivier Gourmet, Fabrice Adde, Tibo Vandenborre, Noé Englebert

Spain Distribution:  FILMAX, S.A.

Internacional Sales:  Le Pacte