Fotograma de la película En otro lugar

En otro lugar

Jesús del Cerro

En otro lugar


Pedro (Miguel Ángel Muñoz) receives an inheritance from a grandfather he never knew: two cows and a donkey. He decides to go to a remote village between valleys and mountains in Cantabria to sell the animals, a trip that will change his life, giving it a new meaning.

With a jar full of sperm in his pocket and on his way to the clinic where his wife is waiting for him to perform an in vitro, Santi - a culinary critic amid a mid-life crisis - crashes into a vehicle on a Vespa whose driver takes off. Looking for help, he is trapped in the Toscana restaurant where, at gunpoint, a former waiter demands his severance pay from the owner.

Director: Jesús del Cerro

Prod. Companies: CALL FROM THE NORTH, A.I.E. (Madrid)

Cast: Miguel Ángel Muñoz, Esmeralda Pimentel, Pablo Puyol, Mario Pardo, Mamen García

Spain Distribution:  ABRE TU MENTE, S.L.