Fotograma de la película En los márgenes

En los márgenes

Juan Diego Botto

En los márgenes - On The Fringe


A film about family, love and solidarity. The countdown for three intertwined characters trying to keep it together and get through 24 vital hours that will change their lives. "En los márgenes" (On the Fringe) explores the impact of economic stress on personal relationships and how friendship and solidarity can get us through life’s most difficult moments. A thrilling race against the clock on the fringe of a big city.

Director: Juan Diego Botto

Prod. Companies: ON THE FRINGE, A.I.E. (79,2%, Madrid) - MORENA FILMS, S.L. (0,8% Madrid) - PANACHE PRODUCTIONS - LA COMPAGNIE CINEMATOGRAPHIQUE (20% Bélgica / Belgium)

Cast: Penélope Cruz, Luis Tosar, Adelfa Calvo, Christian Checa, Font García, Aixa Villagrán, Nur Levi

Spain Distribution:  VERTICE CINE, S.L.