Fotograma de la película El vasco

El vasco

Jabi Elortegi

El vasco - Dear Grandma


Mikel has decided that his life needs a drastic change and so he accepts the invitation from a distant relative to travel to Argentina and restart his life there. But it won´t be long after his arrival before Mikel realizes that his “uncle” Chelo is no more than a happy-go-lucky gambling addict and alcoholic, with absolutely nothing to offer him.
As if this wasn´t bad enough, things start to go even further downhill when grandma Dolores, Chelo´s mom, wakes from a ten-year sleep after hearing Mikel sing a lullaby in the Basque language and confuses him with Juanito, her brother and Mikel´s grandfather. From this moment on, the whole village will embark on a madcap plan to convince Dolores that she´s still in her home town in the Basque country of the 1950´s.
Mikel now suddenly finds himself in the middle of Chelo and Begoña, Dolores´ two, squabbling children, with whom he will have to try and broker the peace, aided only by the helpful and understanding Ines, Amuma Dolores´ ever-cheerful carer.

Director: Jabi Elortegi

Prod. Companies: EL VASCO LA PELÍCULA, A.I.E. (59%, Donostia/San Sebastián) - PAUSOKA ENTERTAINMENT, S.L. (1 %, Donostia/San Sebastián) - OESTE FILMS - PRISMA S.R.L. (40%, Argentina)

Cast: Joseba Usabiaga, Eduardo Blanco, Itziar Aizpuru, Inés Efron, Laura Oliva

Spain Distribution:  A CONTRACORRIENTE FILMS, S.L.

International Sales:  FILMAX (International Sales)