Fotograma de la película El lodo

El lodo


As a severe drought punishes the vast expanses of rice fields in eastern Spain, the natural region of Laguna Blanca is named a Nature Preserve. A prestigious biologist, Ricardo, arrives in San Pedro to protect it. His family, however, is going through tough times but Ricardo is convinced that a change in their lives will help them move on. And it´s also an opportunity to get back to his roots, to his origins, to where he grew up as a boy and to reclaim this spot that had been buried in his fondest memories. Ricardo’s mission is to hinder the abusive and illegal use that everyone makes of the lagoon.

But pressure and threats from the locals just keep getting worse. They consider Ricardo a traitor because all they are trying to do is defend their existence and their livelihood. Ricardo eventually comes to the realization that his life and that of his family are in danger.