Fotograma de la película El hotel de los líos. García y García 2

El hotel de los líos. García y García 2

Ana Murugarren

El hotel de los líos. García y García 2


Toni and Emilio both receive the same tragic phone call: their wives are in a coma after an avalanche at a ski resort. When they reach the admissions desk at the hospital, they make a startling discovery: their wives are, in fact, the same person... Laura. For years, Laura has been secretly leading parallel lives... and riding a crazy roller-coaster between her two families. Forced to stay together until Laura wakes up and can be moved from the hospital, Emilio and Toni find themselves embroiled in a fight to prove who is her one and only, true husband.

Director: Ana Murugarren

Prod. Companies: MOVIEGOERS, A.I.E. (79,2%, Madrid) - BLOGMEDIA, S.L. (0,8%, Bilbao) - GARBO PRODUZIONI S.R.L. (20%, Italia / Italy)

Cast: José Mota, Pepe Viyuela, Paz Padilla, Diego Arroba ‘El Cejas’, Ricardo Castella, Antonio Resines, Meteora Fontana, Carla Chiorazzo, Carlos Morollón, Daniela Casas, David Calderón, Pablo Fernández.