Fotograma de la película El corazón de Europa

El corazón de Europa

Juan Pinzás

El corazón de Europa - The Heart of Europe


In this spellbinding dreamlike tale of European author cinema, the film maker Julián Pintos and his alter ego are confined to their home, isolated in the country during the pandemic that is devastating Europe in the 21st century and they undertake a strange journey of initiation in which they will coincide with Myriam, the mysterious Silver Mask, and with theater’s two disturbing masks, muses of comedy and tragedy, divided into Esther and Diana. The characters are trapped in an enigmatic time tunnel and as their sole escape they will try to find the heart of Europe, recalling their respective pasts linked with the Old Continent, bringing to light the ghosts and deepest fears that each one of them hides.

Director: Juan Pinzás


Cast: Elke Krüger, Katherine Sorel, María Villar, Juan Pinzás

Internacional Sales:  ATLÁNTICO FILMS