Fotograma de la película El Comensal

El Comensal

Ángeles González-Sinde

El Comensal - The Dinner Guest


Having had to confront her mother´s lethal cancer, Iciar becomes aware of the tragic kidnapping and murder of her grandfather at the hands of ETA in 1977. Thanks to Iciar´s efforts to bring to light the family memory, she and her father will get back together and find common ground in a new way of looking at the past in order to face the future and go on living.

Director: Ángeles González-Sinde

Prod. Companies: OKOLIN PRODUCCIONES CINEMATOGRÁFICAS, A.I.E. (99,8%, Madrid) - TORNASOL, S.L. (0,1%, Madrid) - ENBABIA FILMS, S.L. (0.1%, Getxo, Vizcaya)

Cast: Susana Abaitua, Ginés García Millán, Adriana Ozores

Spanish Distribution:  A CONTRACORRIENTE FILMS, S.L.

International Sales:  LATIDO FILMS