Estefanía Cortés



Four strangers come to Eden, a clandestine company in the middle of nature, to end their lives.

A guilt-ridden young woman who can't forget her past; an old man who wants to spare his loved ones pain; a charismatic woman with a personality disorder; and a desperate man hiding a dark secret.

Eden brings them together in the moment before his death, but is it so easy to escape from life?

Director: Estefanía Cortés

Prod. Companies: EDEN MONTREUX PRODUCCIONES, A.I.E. (79,5%, Santander) - LA CAÑA BROTHERS, S.L. (01J5365) 10%, Madrid) - LA COLMENA PRODUCCIONES, S.L. (10%, Madrid) - MONTREUX ENTERTAINMENT, S.L.U. (0,5%, Santander)

Cast: Charlotte Vega, Israel Elejalde, Marta Nieto, Ramón Barea

Spain Distribution:  SILDAVIA CINEMA, S.L. (Syldavia Cinema)