Fotograma de la película Costa Brava, Líbano

Costa Brava, Líbano

Mounia Akl

Costa Brava, Líbano - Costa Brava, Lebanon


In Costa Brava, Lebanon, the free-spirited Badri family escape the overwhelming pollution and social unrest of Beirut by seeking refuge in a utopic mountain home they built for themselves. Unexpectedly, an illegal garbage landfill begins construction right next door. With it comes the very trash and corruption they were trying to escape. As the landfill rises, so do family tensions. The Badris are left with a choice: stay off the grid or leave their idyllic home and face the reality they fled, hoping to stay true to their ideals.

Director: Mounia Akl

Prod. Companies: LASTOR MEDIA, S.L. (13,5%, Barcelona. España / Spain) - ABBOUT PRODUCTIONS (Líbano / Lebanon 44%) - CINÉMA DEFACTO SARL (Francia / France 20%) - SNOWGLOBE FILMS (11,5% Dinamarca / Denmark) - FOX IN THE SNOW (11%, Suecia / Sweden)

Cast: Nadine Labaki, Yumna Marwan, Saleh Bakri, Nadia Chancel, Liliane Chacar Khoury, Ceana Restom, Geana Restom, Nadia Charbel, François Nour...


Internacional Sales:  MK2 FILMS (Francia / France)