Fotograma de la película Bajo terapia

Bajo terapia

Gerardo Herrero

Bajo terapia - Under therapy


Three married couples undergoing therapy are summoned by their female psychologist to a meeting. The psychologist won´t be attending the reunion herself, but she will give to them instructions about what they must do. Thus, to the sound of a horn (literally), the six protagonists will gradually air their dirty laundry concerning their relationships and bring up issues like taking care of the kids, the different home tasks, money, jealousy and sex, until it all leads to a most unexpected and equally shocking end.

Director: Gerardo Herrero

Prod. Companies: ALCARAVAN FILMS, A.I.E. (99,9%, Madrid) - TORNASOL, S.L. (0,1%, Madrid)

Cast: Malena Alterio, Alexandra Jiménez, Fele Martínez, Antonio Pagudo, Eva Ugarte, Juan Carlos Vellido

Spain Distribution:  SILDAVIA CINEMA, S.L. (Syldavia Cinema, S.L.)

International Sales:  LATIDO FILMS