Fotograma de la película HOLLYBLOOD


Jesús Font



Javi is a teenager who is in love with Sara, his classmate, however, she only has eyes for the literary saga of vampires, HollyBlood, of which a movie will be released very soon. Javi is trying to ask Sara out, but a series of unforeseen events make Sara believe that Javi is a supernatural vampire. Which what seems like the perfect chance for Javi – turns against him, as he is forced to deal with unrequited love, and a fanatic that’s obsessed with hunting vampires. However, the real supernatural threat is yet to come as the actual vampire hides in plain sight, at their school.

Director: Jesús Font

Prod. Companies: AMIGOS Y COLMILLOS, A.I.E. (98,5%, Madrid) - QUEXITO FILMS, S.L. (0,5%, Madrid) - LA CANICA FILMS, S.L. (0,5%, Madrid) - SUICA PRODUCTIONS, S.L. (0,5%, Valencia)

Cast: Óscar Casas, Isa Montalbán, Jordi Sánchez, Carlos Suárez, Lara Boedo, Piero Méndez, Amparo Fernández, Ferrán Gadea, Mateo Medina, Jany Collado, Manuel Canchal, Ana Revert

Spain Distribution:  CASTELAO PICTURES, S.L.