Fotograma de la película 75 días

75 días

M.A. Romero

75 días - 75 days


A drama inspired by the Alcàsser murders. 

On Friday, 13 December 1992, three 14-year-old girls disappear mysteriously while on their way to a disco in a nearby town. 75 days later, their bodies are discovered in an advanced state of decomposition, half-buried in the undergrowth of an inhospitable spot. Following the discovery of the corpses, some papers are found, mysteriously placed near the shallow grave and implicating a surname. Police investigations lead to two suspects, Antonio Anglés and Miguel Ricart, two criminals with police records. A huge manhunt begins in order to arrest the culprits of the triple murder in a plot in which more people have taken part... 

It was a case that no Spaniard was ever to forget. In 1992, three teenagers from Alcàsser, Valencia, aged between 14 and 15, disappeared one night after hitchhiking to a discotheque in the nearby town of Picassent. Their bodies were found two months later. Almost thirty years after the case of the Alcàsser girls, Marc Romero revisits the story that shook a nation because of the extreme brutality of the murders, the highly criticised police investigation and the extensive and venal media coverage that followed the affair. With documentary-style rigour, the film steers clear of gory sensationalism or melodrama, focusing instead on the incompetence and lack of empathy with which the case was handled.

Director: M.A. Romero

Prod. Companies: FRANCISCO JAVIER GARCÍA SÁENZ (97%, Madrid) - SPAINWOOD MRP, S.L. (3%, Madrid)

Cast: Ana Fernández, Antonia San Juan, Eulalia Ramón, Macarena Gómez, Javier Albalá, Yohana Cobo, Paloma Paso Jardiel, Alfredo Carbajo, Carlos Reyes, Jonás Torres, Ion Manresa