Fotograma del documental Vivir sin país. El exilio Rohingya

Vivir sin país. El exilio Rohingya

Alberto Martos

Living Without a Country. The Rohingya Exile


Documentary Filmed in Myanmar, Bangladesh, London and The Hague which tells the current situation of the Rohingya community. More than one million people of muslim religion forced to take shelter in the refugee camps of Bangladesh.

Through first-person testimonies, the documentary follows this genocidal persecution by the Burmese authorities. Human rights violations: executions, torture, sexual abuse and other crimes.

Overcrowded in the camps of Kutupalong, Teknaf, Hakim Para and Balukhali, they are awaiting the resolution of a conflict that depends for the most part on the international community.

Director: Alberto Martos

Prod. Companies: PAUXA, S.C. (Eivissa, Islas Baleares)