Fotograma del documental Velázquez, el poder y el arte

Velázquez, el poder y el arte

José Manuel Gómez Vidal

Velázquez, el poder y el arte - Velázquez, Art and Power


Diego Rodríguez de Silva and Velazquez. Velazquez. From being the grandson of a hosier and the son of a modest ecclesiastical notary, to becoming the son-in-law of the influential painter Francisco Pacheco, protected by Count-Duke of Olivares at the Court, chamber usher, bailiff, chamber painter of King Philip IV, Assistant to His Majesty, Assistant of the Chamber, Superintendent of Works, Royal Ap othecary, portraitist of Pope Innocent X, supposed hidalgo, knight of the Order of Santiago. And Universal master of painting.

Director: José Manuel Gómez Vidal

Prod. Companies: TALYCUAL PRODUCCIONES, S.L.  (Sevilla)

With the participation of: Luis Méndez, Miguel Ángel Cajigal "El Barroquista", Álvaro Perdices, Miguel Zorita, Alfonso Guerra, Javier Olivares, Alexandra Del Bene

Spain Distribution:  VERSION DIGITAL, S.L..