Fotograma del documental Una Orquesta Armada

Una orquesta armada

Iván Muñiz

Una orquesta armada


Through statements and performances by a melting pot of musicians, unknown and exciting episodes of history are unravelled in which music has been shown for what it really is: a weapon, a tool to transform us and make this world a better place. Musicians reflect and tell us interesting experiences. We cry and laugh with them.

Director: Iván Muñiz

Prod. Companies:  IVÁN MUÑIZ RUBIO (Madrid)

With the participation of: Guadalupe Plata, The Hard Ons, Mike Sánchez, Sumision City Blues, The Legendary Shack Shackers, Le Butcherettes, Jucifer, El Gobierno, Tommy Stinson, Morgan, Leone, Clutch