Fotograma del documental Un día Lobo López

Un día Lobo López

Alejandro G. Salgado

Un día Lobo López - One Day Lobo López


After years of trying, stumbling and precariousness, dragging the shadow of a brilliant and cursed musician, Kiko Veneno gives himself the last chance to make a living from music. In the years leading up to Expo92, Seville undergoes a moment of transformation that affects the whole city unevenly. This film is a collective portrait of the people and spaces that were part of the process of creating the album "Échate un cantecito", one of the most influential works of popular music in Spanish. Lived and shot between Seville and London, this musical film is about music.

Director: Alejandro G. Salgado

Prod. Companies: LA MALETA FILMS, S.L. (66,95%, Sevilla) - SOCIEDAD MERCANTIL CORPORACIÓN DE RADIO TELEVISIÓN ESPAÑOLA, S.A.U. (33,05%, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid)

With the participation of: Kiko Veneno, Raimundo Amador, Ana Fernández, Jesús Cosano, Santiago Auserón, Andrés Herrera “Pájaro”, Lolo Ortega, Pepe Quero, Tato Macías, Antonio “Smash” Rodríguez, Juan Ramón Caramés, Carmen Giles, Joe Dworniak, Frank Tontoh, Matt Kemp.

Spain Distribution:  LA MALETA FILMS, S.L.