Fotograma del documental Salvajes


Álex Galán



Distant mountains, isolated shepherds, and a government determined to protect an invisible animal. But imposing an urban law on a rural territory will not be easy.

In the north of Spain, a group of shepherds declare their rebellion and opt for self-government. In the crossfire: photographers, rangers, and naturalists.

"Salvajes" shows the most western Spain in a frenetic story where morality and harm depend on who is the sheriff.

This documentary captures the social conflict of the last decades between man and wolf in the Iberian Peninsula.

Director: Álex Galán

Prod. Companies: WANDA FILMS, S.L (50%, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid) - MANUEL ALEJANDRO PÉREZ GARCÍA (50%, Corvera de Asturias)

Spain Distribution:  WANDA VISION, S.A.