Fotograma del documental Pico Reja

Pico Reja

Remedios Malvárez, Arturo Andújar

Pico Reja


In 2020, the mass grave of Pico Reja, which is estimated to house more than 2000 civilian victims of Franco´s repression, remains closed in the Seville cemetery. In this film, the opening of this grave takes us through its own history (even uncovering new, undocumented facts) in a journey rooted in the present, which is also interwoven with an encounter between the flamenco singer Rocío Márquez and the poet Antonio Manuel Rodríguez to create a song about it. A profound analysis of the past that also serves to understand the present of a land that owes much to the memory of the repressed and to history.

Directors: Remedios Malvárez, Arturo Andújar


Cast: Rocío Márquez, Antonio Manuel Rodríguez